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10 for 10

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Product Description

10 for 10 is a blend of 10 essential oils that corresponds directly with your 10 body systems. If your body is out of balance it will weaken your immune system so it’s extremely important to keep all 10 body systems working in complete harmony. 10 for 10 was created not just for its aromatic smell but with the intention to give your body complete support!  Each oil has a unique vibration that goes directly with that individual body system and so by combining this blend of essential oils with grape seed oil you can apply directly on your skin for ultimate support. When used correctly the essential oils will go directly to the system it's meant for. Did you know when you use the 10 for 10 each day the smell will be different, it will go to where the body needs the support!how cool is that ! Great for multdaily use! Roll on ball for easy application. Gift bag included!


Apply directly to feet or wrist, (it can be used on other body parts as well,  externally!) use  multiple times a day ! Use More applications  Especially if smell is not initially to your liking the oils will reach the system they are attended for to balance within 20 mins! Each day you will also notice it will smell differently that’s the beauty of the blend it goes to where it needs to support! Amazing! 

Ingredients/ Target Area: 

Frankincense - Central Nervous System 

Rosemary - Endocrine system 

Eucalyptus - Respiratory system 

Lavender - Cardiovascular system 

Peppermint - Digestive system 

Lemon - Urinary system 

Fennel - Reproductive system 

Geranium - Lymphatic system/Immune system  

Marjoram - Skeletal system 

Basil - Muscular system  




Things to note 

If you find the smell off putting then that means your body needs that essential oil. Use multiple times a day to stay balanced.  

Please allow few days to ship as made by hand !


External use only

Keep out of reach of children 

Always Patch Test 

If burning sensation appears don't use water as they dont mix rub a little butter, milk or a carrier oil to the area.